Your Perfect Breasts

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There is no traditional definition of the “perfect breasts,” rather each person has their own idea of what the perfect breasts are. You may prefer large, small, perky, etc., but it is your opinion! So, achieving the perfect breasts may differ based on your desires. There are various procedures to help you get the breasts


The Science Behind Kybella

By on April 26, 2017 under kybella

When you look in the mirror, do you notice excess fat below your chin? If so, you are not alone. Submental fullness, also known as a double chin, is a common occurrence in many individuals, and can be caused by weight gain, genetics, or aging. While many individuals may try to eliminate this excess fat


Why Choose a Mommy Makeover Over Other Services

By on April 21, 2017 under Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mother is a big deal! Not only is it exciting, but it is also terrifying, beautiful, and confusing, all at once. Now that your child is here, you may not have expected the effect having a child can take on the body. While there is an array of plastic surgery procedures that can


4 Common Fixes for the Perfect Mommy Body

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Pregnancy and becoming a mother is a wonderful, beautiful time. However, it can really take a toll on your body. Unfortunately, not all of the effects of pregnancy can be fixed with standard diet and exercise such as sagging breasts, stretch marks, loose skin, and excess fat or flab. A mommy makeover in Fayetteville can be your


Brazilian Butt Lift – The Two-in-One

By on April 3, 2017 under Buttock Augmentation

Are you unhappy with the shape or size of your buttocks? Do you avoid wearing certain items of clothing or bathing suits due to your buttocks size? Or perhaps your small buttock size makes it hard to fill out jeans or pants? If this sounds like you, a buttock augmentation may be able to help.


Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

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It has been a topic of much debate — should a teenager get plastic surgery? In 2014, nearly 64,000 cosmetic surgery patients were between the ages of 13-19, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Before you decide if you are appalled or on board with this trend, it is important to figure out


Is it Time for a Breast Augmentation Revision?

By on February 13, 2017 under Breast Augmentation

Do your implants need to be corrected? Unfortunately, breast implants do not last forever, whether you have saline or silicone implants. Even worse, you may not be satisfied with your original procedure. Here are a few instances where we’ve seen clients come to Taylor Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation revision to touch up aging


Get Your Perfect Lips

By on January 23, 2017 under Lip Augmentation

Full, plump lips have always been a desirable feature, but recently they are more popular than ever. However, lips often show aging by losing volume and developing lines on and around the mouth. It is known that lip augmentation is the quickest and most effective way to get full youthful lips, but understanding the different


Benefits of Kybella

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Have you always struggled with a double chin, even after making healthy lifestyle changes? Fortunately, there is a new non-surgical solution. Kybella is an injectable treatment that works to improve the appearance of submental fullness in the neck and chin area. What is Kybella? Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat submental fullness in


What to Expect with Your Out-of-State Procedure

By on December 28, 2016 under Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 12,792,377 plastic surgery procedures were performed last year in the United States. This means that there are a lot of people looking to undergo surgery, however, not all of them can afford top-notch pricing. Because of this, many are opting for surgery in cities where pricing