Benefits of Using Exparel

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Posted on June 28, 2017 under Exparel

During plastic or cosmetic surgery, Dr. Taylor uses Exparel to help control discomfort. Exparel is a non-narcotic local analgesic that is administered into the surgical site. One application of Exparel is long lasting, so the use of catheters and other devices are not needed to extend the pain control.

Exparel is formulated to slowly release bupivacaine over time. This ingredient helps to control pain during and after surgery, and is proven to help patients use fewer narcotics during recovery.

What Sets Exparel Apart?

Exparel in Northwest Arkansas is different from other analgesics because it begins to control postsurgical pain before you wake up. This means that you are comfortable, longer. It is also long lasting (lasting up to 72 hours), which means patients require less of other medications, like narcotics, to control pain. In fact, in clinical trials, some patients didn’t require narcotic pain medications at all!

Another benefit of Exparel is that it only numbs the area around the targeted surgical site. This means that you don’t have to worry about other areas of the body being numb when you wake up from surgery.

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At Taylor Plastic Surgery, we believe that transparency is key. That is why we let you know which products we use, like Exparel, during your surgery. We believe that Exparel is the superior analgesic choice. If you are interested in learning more about Exparel, or are interested in scheduling a consultation, contact our Fayetteville office today.