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At Taylor Plastic Surgery, we strive to make sure all of our patients have a comfortable recovery after surgery. In the past, it has been difficult to keep patients comfortable without the use of narcotic pain medication. Now there is a safer, non-narcotic pain management solution called Exparel. Exparel is a local analgesic that allows patients to avoid or use lower doses of narcotic painkillers for recovery.

What is Exparel®?

Similar to how a dentist numbs the mouth of their patient before a filling, Exparel is a used by a surgeon to numb the surgical site. This injectable local analgesic drastically reduces your need for pain medication for a comfortable recovery. The medication is administered by your surgeon the day of the procedure and slowly released the active ingredient bupivacaine. Bupivacaine is a slow pain management ingredient that helps control pain before it starts. Exparel only the numbs the area injected to provide comfort to the surgical site.

What procedures can Exparel® be used with?

Exparel is now being offered at Taylor Plastic Surgery in Fayetteville, near Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Arkansas. Exparel is very helpful in increasing comfort with the recovery from cosmetic procedures. Exparel can be used to aid the recovery of the following procedures:

If you are interested in adding Exparel into your treatment plan, contact Taylor Plastic Surgery today to discuss your procedure and recovery. Exparel is a very safe and effective medication that has the ability to help you avoid the use of narcotics and have you back on your feet quicker.