Facelift Basics

Posted on November 27, 2016 under Facelift, Plastic Surgery

As we all know, age eventually begins to take a toll on our skin. Whether it be turkey neck, jowls, or wrinkles and folds, aging can cause us to become unhappy with our appearance. A facelift is a popular option for patients who wish to turn back the clock and obtain a refreshed look. Read on to learn the basics of this plastic surgery procedure.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is done to obtain a more youthful appearance in the face. The soft tissue of the lower face is repositioned to recontour the face and the neck.

Both men and women who are between the ages of 40-70 who are experiencing sagging skin and loss of volume in the face can often benefit from this procedure.

Facelift Techniques

When it comes to facelifts, there are many different approaches that can be taken. These include the traditional facelift, the minimally invasive facelift, the deep plane lift, the midface lift, the thread lift and the liquid facelift. Each of these procedures work to achieve the same thing – a more youthful facial contour, but do so using different methods.

Choosing a Surgeon

It is important to research a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area when making the decision to undergo any plastic surgery procedure. Be sure to research how much experience he has, as well as before and after pictures of his work. Choosing a qualified surgeon is the most important decision you will make for your surgery.

A consultation with Dr. Taylor is required to determine which type of facelift will work best for you. If you are in the Fayetteville area and are interested in a facelift, contact us today to schedule your consultation!