Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Posted on August 23, 2017 under Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery in Fayetteville, is done to help reshape and resize the nose so that it is in harmony with the rest of the face. This procedure can also be done to correct a deviated septum. While many patients are familiar with the term “nose surgery”, they may not know that there are different types of nose surgery that can be done. Read on to learn more about these differed techniques.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

There are two main rhinoplasty techniques used today: the open rhinoplasty and the closed rhinoplasty. During an open rhinoplasty, an incision will be made in the tissue that separates the nostrils, called the columella. This allows the surgeon full access to the internal nasal structures. The incision made will heal to be virtually invisible, so patients should not worry about a noticeable scar.

A closed rhinoplasty does not entail any incisions outside of the nose, rather, they are all made inside of the nostrils. Operating time using the closed technique is often decreased. There are no visible scars associated with the closed rhinoplasty technique.

Which is Right for You?

While both rhinoplasty techniques are safe and effective options, some patients may be better candidates for one technique over another. Those who require large amounts of correction are often good candidates for an open rhinoplasty. However, a consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Taylor is needed so that he can examine your nose and determine which technique is best for you.

If you are located in the Northwest Arkansas area and are interested in rhinoplasty surgery, contact our office today! We would be happy to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Taylor!