Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

It has been a topic of much debate — should a teenager get plastic surgery? In 2014, nearly 64,000 cosmetic surgery patients were between the ages of 13-19, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Before you decide if you are appalled or on board with this trend, it is important to figure out what the motive is for cosmetic surgery at such a young age.

First, a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon is important before any decisions are made. Your doctor should conduct a risk-benefit analysis to determine if the procedure is right for the child. The teen, depending on age, may need more time to mature before an extensive procedure is performed. The doctor will also ask the teen’s guardian their opinion prior to the decision as well to ensure that there is no opposition.

When might a doctor say yes?

  • Breast reductions: Large breasts at a young age can cause discomfort. In addition, the teen will most likely stand out against their peers in a possibly uncomfortable way.
  • Reconstructive surgery: If the teen has a birth defect or a medical condition, such as carpal tunnel, reconstructive surgery may be an excellent option for teens.
  • Avoid ridicule: When growing up, teens are susceptible to ridicule from their peers on a day to day basis. This can destroy a teen’s self-confidence. Here, the doctor will review and recommend the best procedure to revise the issue, such as a rhinoplasty for a large nose or otoplasty for protruding ears.

When might a doctor advise against it?

  • Parental concern: Parents want to protect their children. If the procedure is for cosmetic enhancements, the doctor may side with the parents.
  • Parental influence: if the teen has been introduced to the idea of plastic surgery at a young age because their parents have had procedures performed, there is a higher chance that the teen will want a procedure as well. Whether these are lip injections, facial changes, or body enhancements, the doctor may advise that the teen wait. It is important that they are making these decisions as they’re an adult to outweigh prior influence that they may regret later in life.
  • Conforming to standards: If it is apparent that the child is seeking the procedure to fit in with the cultural norms of today, the doctor may find this motivation questionable. Again, it is important that the teen make changes when they are fully developed and fully understanding of their decision.

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