Breast Implants Lifespan

Posted on November 17, 2017 under Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Advances in the material used for breast implants have made them long-lasting devices, but they are not intended to last a lifetime! On average, breast implants last about ten years before needing to be replaced, but some might last longer or need to be replaced sooner.

Breast Implant Lifespan

There are some cases where you would need to say goodbye to your implants and have a replacement procedure after breast augmentation. These include:


An implant rupture is becoming quite rare, but they do happen and require immediate replacement. If you have a saline-filled implant, a rupture will be noticeable as the implant deflates and your body safely absorbs the saline solution. For silicone implants, a rupture might not be apparent as the implant keeps its shape causing a “silent rupture.” Regular visits to your surgeon can help detect and prevent an implant rupture. Those who choose a silicone gel implant are also required to receive an MRI every two or three years to detect signs of leakage.


Over time, implant fillings and shells can shift and begin to ripple or fold due to pressure from the body. Skinnier women or those who have their implants placed over the chest muscle are often more affected by rippling because there is less fat or muscle covering the implant. If you or your surgeon notices rippling in your implants, you might require a replacement procedure.

Body Changes

Your augmented breasts are not necessarily safe from the effects of time and gravity. With age, your breast skin might lose elasticity, causing them to sag. In this case, you might decide to have a replacement procedure to add more volume or a breast lift to tighten the breast tissue. Along with your body, your mind can change as well! Breast implants are not a permanent decision and can be replaced with larger or smaller implants with your surgeon’s consent.

You can discuss the lifespan of your implants during your initial consultation. Contact Taylor Plastic Surgery today for more information or to schedule your appointment.