When is a Breast Lift Needed?

Posted on August 10, 2016 under Breast Lift

Women of all ages may opt for a breast lift procedure for various reasons. Pregnancy and nursing, changes in weight, genetics and gravity all play a part in weighing the breasts down. For women who are dissatisfied with the drooping of the breasts, a breast lift procedure may be all they need to create the firmer, for youthful breasts they desire. However, for some women who feel their breasts have “deflated” after nursing or who have never been fully satisfied with the size of their breasts, a breast augmentation couple with a Breast Lift Fayetteville procedure may be the best way to achieve the results desired.

What to Expect from a Breast Lift

In a breast lift surgery, the incision is generally made around the areola area and excess skin will be removed. The areola may be re-positioned, re-shaped or re-sized as need to better correspond with the breasts new position. The remaining skin will be closed around the areola area creating perkier, firmer and more youthful looking breasts. Gauze and bandages will be placed and a compression garment will likely be recommended to be worn to keep swelling down and to help support you while you recover.
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