Your Perfect Breasts

Posted on May 22, 2017 under Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift

There is no traditional definition of the “perfect breasts,” rather each person has their own idea of what the perfect breasts are. You may prefer large, small, perky, etc., but it is your opinion! So, achieving the perfect breasts may differ based on your desires. There are various procedures to help you get the breasts you’ve wanted!

How to get the perfect breasts

All women’s breasts are naturally different— some are small, perky, large, asymmetrical, disproportionate, some experience changes due to pregnancy or after weight loss, others start to sag as they age, and more. Due to these varying imperfections or age-related changes, women may become unhappy or self-conscious about their breasts. For these women, a breast augmentation in Fayetteville or breast lift may help to achieve your aesthetic goals and rebuild your confidence with breasts that are perfect for you.

Easing your nerves

Some women are apprehensive about breast procedures due to the negative perceptions or concerns with less than desirable results. However, a breast augmentation or breast lift in Fayetteville is not a scary procedure if you take the proper steps. First, it is important to do your research and find a board-certified plastic surgeon that has proven results at successful breast augmentations or breast lifts. Second, once you have found your plastic surgeon, he or she will help by giving you recommendations based on your body. This includes the type of breast implant, placement over or under the chest muscle, incision preference, and more. If you share your goals, your surgeon can assist you in achieving those goals from subtle, natural-looking enhancements to something more extreme. Remember, your idea of the perfect breasts is up to you!

What can a breast augmentation or breast lift do for me?

As mentioned, a breast augmentation or breast lift is performed differently based on the individual patient’s goals. Here are a few common reasons why women undergo a breast augmentation or lift:

  • Post-breastfeeding deflation
  • Nipple correction
  • Age-relating sagging
  • Desire to improve shape
  • Desire to increase volume and fullness
  • Disproportion
  • Asymmetry
  • Sagging caused by large breasts

Breast procedures do not always mean an outcome of balloon-like breasts. Breast augmentations and lifts are performed to make you happier and more confident in yourself with breasts that are perfect in your eyes!

Dr. Taylor is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fayetteville that has years of experience and honors for a proven track record of successful of breast augmentations and breast lifts. To see how we can help you achieve your perfect breasts, schedule your consultation at Taylor Plastic Surgery today.