Fight Signs of Aging with Dysport

in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Arkansas

Posted on January 22, 2019 under Fillers, Skin Care, Uncategorized

No one wants to look older than they feel. Facial fine lines and wrinkles are some of the first and most noticeable signs of aging! Worsened by sun exposure, facial expression, and a loss of collagen, fine lines can be hard to beat. But with Dysport, you can turn back the clock to reveal a younger you.

Who chooses Dysport?

Fortunately, today there are many nonsurgical solutions to looking younger! But you’ll want to make sure you understand which one is actually right for you. Dysport is a neuromodulator injectable like Botox that is used to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the upper face. This includes crow’s feet in the outer corners of the eyes, frown lines between the brows, and forehead lines. Patients choose Dysport when they experience dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that are worsened by facial expression. If you have lines and wrinkles in the lower face that are present even when the face is relaxed, you might benefit more from fillers.

Will I have a frozen appearance?

Dysport works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals telling the facial muscles to contract. This has lead to the misconception that neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport will lead to a “frozen” look. However, when you choose an expert injector like Dr. Taylor, you can be sure that only your wrinkle-causing muscles will be affected, allowing you to express yourself without the lines.

How long will my results last?

The results of your Dysport treatment will appear in just a few days, leading to reduced lines and wrinkles in the upper face. The results of your Dysport treatment can last for about four months. After this time you can return to your natural appearance, or you can schedule a follow-up treatment to maintain your youthful-looking skin.

How do I get started?

To get started with Dysport, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with Taylor Plastic Surgery. Prior to treatment, we’ll want to make sure you are a good candidate. To get started on your facial rejuvenation treatment, contact our office today!