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Plastic Surgery in Northwest Arkansas

Dr. Robert Taylor is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures to his patients in northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas. The principles at Taylor Plastic Surgery are high quality, ethical care and excellent results. Once we understand your aesthetic concerns and desired goals, our specially-trained team will help you choose the most suitable cosmetic procedure for you from among the available options.

For more than 2 decades now, Dr. Taylor has been helping patients eliminate their body concerns and achieve the results they always dreamt of. You can choose from facial, body, or breast procedures, in addition to reconstructive, as well as skin rejuvenation treatments at the Taylor Plastic Surgery center in northwest Arkansas. We also offer world-class skin care products at our practice to help you maintain healthy, clear skin.

Facial Procedures

Dr. Taylor is an expert in cosmetic facial surgery procedures, owing to his fellowship in craniofacial surgery. With age and other environmental factors like sun damage, most patients experience sagging and drooping of the eyelids, deep wrinkles and lines on the brow, volume loss, and sagging on the face. After careful evaluation of these changes and understanding your cosmetic goals, Dr. Taylor and his team will customize the best facial treatment to help you achieve a refreshed and youthful facial appearance. Patients also seek us when they are unhappy with a feature they were born with like a crooked or bulbous nose, and we offer the best in rhinoplasty procedures to give you a nose that is in harmony with the rest of your facial features. Here are the facial procedures our patients in northwest Arkansas can choose from:

Breast procedures

Women experience many changes in their breasts due to aging and life events like pregnancy, breast feeding, and massive weight fluctuations. Some of these changes include fatty deposits, sagging of the nipples and the entire breast mound, and volume loss. With these factors, you may see changes in the size, shape, volume, and texture of your breasts. Other than these physical changes, women can begin to lose their self-image and self-confidence. Dr. Taylor and his team personalize each breast treatment to offer you perky and youthful breasts with results that are stunning and natura-looking. This ensures that you are happy with your results and your self-confidence is restored. Here are the breast procedures women in northwest Arkansas can choose from:

Body procedures

Despite staying fit and near your ideal weight, it is possible that you are struggling with a few stubborn areas on your body which refuse to give in to exercise and diet. It can be quite frustrating when nothing you do gets you rid of these spots like love handles or fatty thighs. Women seek the expertise of Dr. Taylor to regain their pre-baby shape when they are left with undesirable changes after childbirth. We offer a range of customizable procedures like mommy makeover, liposuction, tummy tuck, and buttock augmentation to get you the body contours you always desired. Patients in northwest Arkansas looking to achieve a slimmer and more toned appearance can get amazing results with these procedures:

Reconstruction procedures

Plastic surgery is not always about aesthetics; it also offers reconstructive advantage where it focuses on the emotional stability of our patients. We are committed to helping cancer survivors and if you have undergone mastectomy and want to feel whole again, we help with breast reconstruction procedures that are suited to your specific needs. Additionally, those experiencing nerve or tendon damage in their hands can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Taylor with several hand reconstruction procedures. Here are the reconstruction procedures our patients in Arkansas can choose from:


Millions across the globe today are facing early signs of facial aging even as they feel much younger than their appearance. Scars and wrinkles can affect the self-image and confidence, and there are many who begin to avoid social interactions due to this. When you are struggling with visible changes to your facial skin and features but do not wish to undergo a surgery, you can depend on Dr. Taylor to find you a solution. The skin rejuvenation services at Taylor Plastic Surgery in northwest Arkansas help you to achieve smoother and younger skin with the use of the latest in neuromodulators and dermal fillers. You can eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, submental fat, and volume loss with these state-of-the-art injectables. Here are the injectables you can choose from:

Skin rejuvenation treatments

Age, exposure to the sun, and years of neglect can lead to undesirable changes to your skin. Most people realize that their facial skin has become dull and seems more aged than their years. Some of these changes include wrinkles, acne, uneven tone and texture, and pigmentation. You can benefit from various medical-grade peels as well as laser treatments that also offer natural skin tightening. Depending on your specific issues and the cosmetic enhancement you desire, Dr. Taylor offers a range of safe and effective treatments. Patients in northwest Arkansas can choose from the following procedures:

Skin care products

In addition to the surgical and non-surgical treatments offered at Taylor Plastic Surgery in northwest Arkansas, we also offer a selection of clinically-proven skin care products. ZO Skin Health by Obagi skin care products to help you revitalize and refresh your skin. These products help improve cosmetic concerns like rough skin, age spots, redness, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.

About Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas includes Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville. These are the third, fourth, eighth and tenth largest cities in Arkansas respectively. The northwest Arkansas region is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation. One of the favorites is Devil‰Ûªs Den State park that is located outside of Fayetteville in West Fork. It offers scenic camping, fishing, climbing, caves, hiking, and trails through the Ozark Mountains. The most popular water destination is Beaver Lake, which features about 487 miles of shoreline, natural caves, towering limestone bluffs, and a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs. There are paved roads which wind through 12 developed parks with modern campsites. A new botanical garden is also coming up near Fayetteville covering about 86 acres and called The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Another point of interest for visitors is Dickson street and the surrounding area in downtown Fayetteville which is the main entertainment district of the region. Other than shops, bars, and restaurants, Dickson street is also home to the Walton Arts Center; the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ Festival, and several parades