Restylane Refyne® & Defyne®

in Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale Arkansas

Restylane® Refyne and Defyne are FDA-approved dermal fillers that help smooth moderate to severe nasolabial folds, cheeks, hands, and marionette lines or laugh lines. These fillers employ a high lifting capacity, using hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance in the body, which provides fullness and elasticity — to bring back your youthful smile with natural looking results. These dermal fillers are your no-downtime, quick and natural solution to getting rid of signs of aging on your face and hands.

How Do Restylane® Refyne and Defyne Work?

Restylane® Refyne and Defyne are both created using XpresHAn Technology, which cross links hyaluronic acid to create a flexible gel facial filler. This allows for natural-looking results, as the treatment naturally moves within your skin for a softer look than other treatments that leave you looking stiff. The Restylane Refyne was specifically formulated for correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. Restylane Defyne was formulated to treat moderate-to-severe deep facial wrinkles and folds such as laugh lines.

How long Do Restylane® Refyne and Defyne last?

Restylane® Refyne lasts approximately 9-12 months post-injection. For Restylane Refyne, most patients have enjoyed the results for 12 months. However, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled at Taylor Plastic Surgery to continue these treatments and maintain youthful results.

Is Restylane® Refyne or Define right for me?

If you have lines around your mouth and cheeks, on your hands, or near your temples, and are looking for a natural, no-downtime solution, Restylane® Refyne or Defyne may be right for you. A consultation will be necessary to discuss your allergies and other items before the treatment. All patients must be 21 or older for Restylane® Refyne and Defyne treatments.

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